Relating to Source Energy, Via the Planets

by Kevin Raphael Fitch

Astrology is a useful discipline. it can illustrate by its symbolism the habitually patterned way that people tend to look at things.

These patterns can be changed and more perfectly aligned with different patterns, through thought, and the use of the picture-making faculty of mind.

These faculties are ever ready to be deployed. The word “apparent” plays a central function toward one's potential to change something.

We know that geocentric astrology is based on the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth. The field of space is a giant screen, that projects humanity’s current involvement with Maya, which is one of many portals to self-realization….Self-Real-Eye-Action.

There’s nothing as potent as looking at something, by your attention on it. For that is the major deployment of life-energy, used by Human Beings, which is fed into that to which one looks..

The act of looking, as well as the pictures in the mind, and beliefs, produces all circumstances and conditions that one experiences here on Terra.

To be aware of the ways that one looks at perceived reality is to take hold of some of the threads in the personal tapestry of life.

This can apply to the personal horoscope, which one Hindu astrologer says “represents your history.”

One may pull out certain threads such as negative thinking and all its crew, for example. Let’s say that a man’s horoscope points out a tendency to entertain huge feelings of doubt and fear, mental confusion, an obsession with getting a disease, and a repressed and restricted emotional life.

The man comes to the astrologer complaining about his lack of a fulfilling personal relationship, and romance. What he is experiencing is a mathematical reflection of his habitual thought, feeling, and imagery.

This man's attitude toward life causes his potential mate to fly away, instead of toward him. Negative thoughts repel. The astrologer would have examined the indicators: Moon/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, in the 6th House of health and work; as so much depends on many other factors, a general tendency for this position is: a measured (Saturn) emotional response (Moon). Too much measuring can lead to over-caution, which can eventuate in fear. The 6th House placement brings in the dimension of fear concerning one's health etc.

Mercury in Pisces, nearing his 8th House: (fearful images and thoughts of one's end) and all in exact square to the conjunction, which intensifies the problem. If the rest of the chart, by progression and transit, is in a debilitated condition, this event would incubate a milestone of change in his life-cycle. The astrologer appreciates the early years and the parent’s influence (Moon/Saturn) mother/father, germane to the man sitting across from him, after he returns from closing the window to the street noises 20-stories down. He retakes his seat and places one chart on an old-fashioned overhead projector.

To the astrologer the man has a momentum of fear and doubt about his ability to get on in life. Now, these are measurements that are based on positions of the planets in the houses, and their relative distances from one another.

The Moon/Saturn conjunction would tend to be operating throughout the life, due to Saturn’s movement by transit, and the Moon’s by secondary progression, and solar arc patterns. These are all facts, based on how we (even astrologers) see (create) things.

The native’s attitude may be “how can I make progress, there’s no way out, I’m doomed to a life of failure.”

As an aside, a person with little or no understanding of cosmic laws or one who is on a spiritual path or one who has mastered self, would each handle those same configurations differently.
How could astrology help someone with these attitudes, beliefs, and expectations of failure who is on the fringe of taking on a new outlook?

Well, to explain to him that squares are obstacles that build character and that strong souls have difficult horoscopes, wouldn’t satisfy his requirements, unless he recently began thinking along those lines. One thing the astrologer would look for is an aspect or planetary connection that would lead the person out of that tendency.

This would help him to find strength, through self-empowerment, so that he could begin to resolve his issues by changing the rules by which he taught his mind to function..

The astrologer would look for a life-line, a planet (s) that ushers him out of the square, previously mentioned. A sextile aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio, from the Moon/Saturn contact, and a trine from Mercury to Jupiter, which are easy connections with planets that represent elevated thought-potential, and which would do well to be unafflicted. After throwing him that life-line, by pointing to it on the screen, through his stylus, on the chart's placement on the projector glass, there would still be a price to pay:

Disciplined thought along new and refined lines. Now, that Moon/Saturn and Mercury in Pisces 8th House energy could be redeemed and attenuated, through the conscious effort (Saturn) of assuming feeling (Moon) faith and belief in one's self, and experiencing the death and renewal of the intellect of (Mercury in Pisces near the 8th cusp).

Jupiter suggest optimism, expanded viewpoints, high-mindedness, looking at the glass as overflowing, with no half measures. The sign, Scorpio, indicates that a complete change in the way he begins to improve himself and relate to his thoughts and feelings.

The astrologer might show. through an energetic example, how the client might change in attitude, by a rearrangement of the patterns of thought, as the beginning of a way out/through the problem, besides more tangible ways to manage the outer presentation of the problem. In other words the client would engage in double duty: managing the physical problem with wisdom and practical skill, and managing and reorganizing his thoughts and mental movies about it.

The ability to do this is suggested by Jupiter in the chart. But maybe this person was so steeped in his own darkness that he didn’t notice his potential to think and feel and relate his way out that momentum of doubt and fear, and their tangible outcomes.

How can the astrologer serve the client with these conditions, even with the lifeline and the introduction of new ways of thinking?

Another way out of the problem would be to apply a more esoteric tone to the session. It is written in the book Esoteric Astrology, that the Sources of Life pour through the planets, instead of from the planets. What comes from the planets is a kind of outer personality, like a human personality. Planets, like people have an inner an and outer component, a consciousness, because they are evolving through Their own cosmic cycles. In other words, most astrology concerns itself with only the outer limits of a planet, embodied in its traditional meanings. That’s fine, because these meanings can all be upgraded, and they have through millennia.

If the astrologer is aware of the higher octaves of being, of the planets, and is an esoteric student, healer, or therapists, then his or her attitude of mind would already be attuned to the Sources of Life, which give the planets their life and their outer body; thus, allowing for Source Energy to flow through astrologer, the office on the 20th floor, and into the session. What you put your attention on you become and draw to yourself. Source Energy is forever flowing, and the astrologer can be a mediator of this sacred flow. The feeling of the new reality for the client that the astrologer is discussing, brings an alchemy of constructive possibilities to him, as the reality of something new and different floods the surrounding atmosphere. The astrologer must ever be the guard of the purity of space..
The greater life of Saturn is pure and unqualified potential, instead of the attributes that humanity has imputed to that planet, which, by acceptance, appear to be true. These are thought-forms, constructs.

So, while the light of Life is circulating throughout the session, the astrologer can suggest to the native that he tune into the Life-Principle behind his astrology: God, Source, I AM, Universal Intelligence. The man would have an opportunity to relate to Jupiter’s positive potential and remake his entire life, using the creative principles of his thoughts and feelings. He could use his Moon/Saturn conjunction to organize and focus his awareness on purifying and refining his body, mind, and soul. He could use his intellect (Mercury) for healing, for example, Mercury rules the hands as an outlet for healing energy. Pisces adds compassion and an inner attunement to higher worlds. He would also be feeling his capacity to do this, via the light-energy in the room. This occurred in less than 15 minutes of consultation time.

The horoscope always shows a way out, but more so, a “way in” to the mainspring of an individual’s life, through the thread of contact with the greater life that courses through the planets and through oneself.

The achievement manifests through the heightened relationship to Source. In this wise, the astrologer and client co-create and strategize for something unexpectedly beautiful and balanced, to appear between them, out of the virtual space of infinite potential.  

Kevin is an astrologer at East West Bookshop.  He is available for appointments or walk-ins on Thursdays and the last Sunday of each month. 

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