Step Out of the Door - by Jeanine Horton

by Jeanine Horton

I was talking to an acquaintance the other day when I noticed he wore a beautiful yet different kind of a bracelet. It was an elastic one with large crystal beads like I had never seen before. I asked him what the beads were made of. He said, "Oh, they’re prayers." He seemed a bit hesitant to talk about it at first but then I showed him my necklace with several crystals. I told him how I really like stones and that I work with them in meditation and when I do Reiki. I said, "I always wear this necklace to remind me that I am still me, no matter what world I am in." He seemed very pleasantly surprised and went on to talk about meditation and how he explains it when people ask him about it. They ask him things like What does meditation do? How do you feel after it? How can it possibly work?

Here is what he said he tells them: Imagine a person is born inside of a car. He lives inside the car, he learns all about the inside of this car where he grows up. He learns to drive the car and gets stuck in traffic. He cannot go forwards, backwards or sideways. He gets very frustrated and cannot move. He feels trapped.
Now imagine that this person is told that he can open the door. He can step out. He can always return to his world, the inside of the car that is, but he can step out into a whole New World. As he steps out, all new sounds surround him, all new colors and smells surround him. It’s an entirely new world. He has so very very much to learn in this new world he has just stepped out into.

I was so happy to hear his analogy. That is what meditation is to me. Being able to access a whole New World and knowing I can always be able to go back into my human body world. The ability to be in two or more different realms when I choose, is so wonderful because even the greatest problems in our human world seem so much smaller when you can have access to the great beyond. Reiki is another tool to help you visit other realms when you are ready. Guided Reiki can help you along your journey, and it is a bit like therapy in that the more sessions you have, the deeper you can go. Like an artichoke, the bottoms of the leaves are super tasty, but when you get to the choke’s heart, deep down into it, WOW ! What a treasure!

Don’t be afraid to “step out of the door” I’m here to help you along your way, if you let me. 💚

Jeanine is a Reiki healer at East West.  She is available for appointments on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. 

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