The Great Wheel - by Kevin Raphael Fitch

by EW Staff

The next section of the Great Wheel approaches. Those who commune with the stars and shoot arrows (Sagittarius) toward the heights, seek the mountain (Capricorn) of attainment.

Moses tarried atop summits and returned each time as a bearer of celestial brightness. Like a summit, is the crown of one's head.  

Climb! Gate the 10th steadily opens like a sunrise, starting with twilight, then dawn, and then, the first appearance over the hill.

May all be a Moses to themselves. O, the astrology of prophets. All are prophets of themselves. And all are positioned at a certain point on the Great circle. Solar Beings watch the growth of the inner light. And, by their thoughts and feelings and words and actions, men and women with considered input from the heavens, do foretell their future, their year ahead.

Winter Solstice summons all to pour self into the flame of union, with the Allness of the One. Of the Central Sun. December 21, 8:19 pm The new cycle approaches. Masterful Beings await. Celestial proprietors of great etheric temples throughout cosmos, invite all to entrain their energies with the Sun’s ressurection. 

Kevin Raphael Fitch is an astrologer at East West.  He is available on the 4th Sunday of each month as well as every Thursday.  He has published several books, most notably on the Astrology of Africa.  You can find more information about him here:

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