The Woman and the Fortune Teller

by Kevin Raphael Fitch

On a chilly evening near the outskirts of the city a successful businesswoman arrived for her appointment at the humble cottage of a famous fortune-teller. After making tea for his guest, the fortune-teller settled down onto his sturdy Mahogany chair near the fireplace. The woman stood nervously. He motioned for her to sit on the guests' chair a few feet away.

You are here at a most important time," he offered. The woman smiled and sat down. The tea was placed on an ornate table made of white onyx. The logs crackled while sparks of white flame circulated through the spacious living room like tiny flies and disappeared into space. The fortune-teller sat uprightly with a regal yet humble mien. He was silent as he gazed kindly and knowingly at his client. A current of pure comfort and grace filled the room.

She smiled and then looked carefully around at her host's decor and possessions. The fortune-teller jotted down relevant facts concerning his client, which was based on the time she arrived. The woman was astonished at the array of books she saw. The house felt alive with warmth and joy, as if from a distant world. 

The many books that filled the huge bookcase, opposite the fireplace, spoke extensively of the fortune-teller's experience and range of knowledge.

"These books belonged to the previous owner of this house, a relative. I have merely preserved them for posterity," the fortune-teller said.

For the sake of his service to life, the man pretended to be a common fortune-teller in order to reach the most people, and so he hid his identity, as a great master from the Himalayas.

The woman owned a Villa in Sunder Nagar, a suburb in Mumbai. She lifted the ceramic cup to her lips with both hands, and finished off the fragrant brew, which was composed of healing herbs from the master's property.

The master looked up as his client spoke. "Rahu is opposing Shani (Saturn)," she said. "They augur huge problems for me. I fear the business will be destroyed." She placed the saucer with the empty cup, on the table. The porcelain rattled. "My father's business crumbled to the ground from a fire that began upstairs, in his study."

The master listened in complete stillness. He gazed briefly at his calculations, then back at her.
"You spoke so authoritatively about your problem. tell me when this happened."

"It was Thursday, 16 January, in 1997. I was a little girl then. Father was inside putting the final touch on a talisman for me." She paused to compose herself, then said. "The ceiling came down over his head...neighbors saw him inside when it happened."

She looked confused, then cried the words: "But my father wasn't found in all the rubble."
The master nodded, then raised his hand with his palm facing her. The fire made a noise, like breathing. The woman found her composure.

"It is still a mystery. It was the day that Rahu and Shani were on opposite sides of the heavens, and now, according to Murhurta, these two are on opposite sides of the heavens again, and in the 4th and 10th houses of my home and profession. I'll be ruined."

At those words the flames diminished in their retreat against the blackened brick wall, then, after a split-second, advanced once again, to engulf the logs. This master noticed the fiery response to fear, yet the woman missed that subtle message. She leaned forward and asked. "Will I or my business meet my father's fate, in some way?"

The woman covered her mouth as she looked passed her host toward the window. Near the horizon the golden sun mingled with the pink sky. A tear fell from her left eye. It reflected the light coming from the fireplace. The master watched its descent down her cheek, as her right eye began to glisten.
"I never really knew him." She removed her handkerchief from her purse and blotted underneath both eyes. "All I have from him, are two bracelets he made. He gave them to my mother for when I became of age. They were an adult woman's bracelets."

The master spoke: "He believed that you would grow into them. To him your life and protection was of signature importance. I will answer your question. Anything else?"

"What can you do about this?"

He unbuttoned his blue blazer a bit, placed his notes down on his lap, and asked, "Do you think that these two entities, Rahu and Shani, are intent on ruining your livelihood, or engaged in committing atrocities, like fires?" The woman lifted her hand to her forehead.

"The polished Tourmaline studs, on your 24 Karat bracelets, are the epitome of stunning craftsmanship."

"Thank you. But everyone knows that these planets can be unusually harsh and evil."
"Indeed, everyone does, yet I never knew...of this evil, to be true in my experience with them. These qualities may occasionally be true in the lives of people whose perspective is confined to this interpretation, and to the earthly flow of events, as they view them. For them these planets are just that: harsh and evil omens, indeed. Yet I never suspected evil to be indicative... of planets."

The woman turned to stare at a magnificent looking chalice, decorated with precious gems around its throat and base. Its crystalline glass sparkled. It lay on the mantle, above the hearth. The master turned to look at the chalice then at her, who was seated six feet away from him, on the other side of the flame.

"That chalice looks familiar," she said. The master winked at her. Then, as if coming out of a short sleep, forgetting her previous thought, she said, "I thought you were a great teller of fortunes. Are you saying that the planets aren't capable of evil intent? What kind of a Jyothishe are you? Currently, Rahu is in my 10th House and Shani in my 4th. My home is where I conduct my-"

Interrupting her, the master asked: "What is more important, your life, or your business?"

Without delay, the woman answered: "My life, of course!"

"I asked this of myself, the day a stranger walked into my shop years ago, as it was, like your father's shop, being engulfed by flames. The stranger asked me that same question.

"I too, answered as you did. The stranger walked out of my emblazoned shop. And I followed, through the secret door reserved for emergencies. I renounced my weakness for earthly wealth, only. I walked out of there, following the stranger whose auric field shielded me from the flames. I never looked back."

The woman looked at the master in awe, sobbing.

"Right now, you are sitting here with me. Your Villa and your business were about to burn to the ground. I said that you arrived at an important time. If you loved wealth more than life, the outcome would have been different. Perhaps Rahu and Shani did you a service."

The woman shot up and starred out the window. She could smell smoke from far way.

"Their appearance spurred you to make an appointment with me."

The master walked over to the window. "Three thieves entered your home to steal your possessions, murder you, and leave no trace of their involvement. They perished, because of a broken gas line. The gas had mingled with a spark, when a grinding stone, which was off balance, suddenly turned on. A fire, less than a mile away was put out by the BBMB Fire Service. Upon hearing other shouts of Fire!!!, they quickly reassembled and arrived at your home and assuaged the flames. Yet, you were here and not there, to suffer thieves or fire.

"Now, my daughter, Rebuild! You have life in you, and Life contains the promise of your successful enterprise. What you've built up once, you can build again. The action of your own Life, directed constructively, is your true fortune-teller, and your Source of wealth.

"Rahu and Shani are not your masters, they are part of the starry body of God, as are all planets, suns, solar systems, and galaxies. The One Life. This Life is master over all conditions. These Grahas provided useful information for you to act on. And so, you did, by coming here. From now on may you rise in higher mindfulness of the Yoga of Life."

Kevin Raphael Fitch is an astrologer at East West.  He is available by appointment or walk-in on Thursdays and the last Sunday of each month.  His books are also available at the store. 

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