Listen to Your Dreams, They Are Talking to You

by Shopify API

A very dear friend of mine was talking to me about her dreams and how they are usually complete. There’s a beginning and an end. But just the other day she had a troubling dream. It was about her father. Apparently, he was not a very nice man. He only cared about himself and seemed to go out of his way to make her life miserable. He passed away about eight years ago now and she has only dreamt about him once right after he died, and then once the other day right before we were talking about this. In this dream, she saw him coming down the stairs from her bedroom, but she could only see his upper body and he was looking straight ahead, not at her. She said it was as if he were going on a trip he did not want to take. He was dressed differently than usual. He wore a very formal button-down shirt and tie. He looked very stern and his skin tone was kind of gray. The dream stopped. That was all. It was an unfinished dream.

I could tell she was troubled by what she had seen, so I strongly suggested she talk about it with her Reiki mentor. About a week later, she told me that she went to her session and did mention this to her mentor who knew nothing about her father. She only told about the dream. The Reiki Master started the session and very quickly said, “ Oh, I sense his presence and he is not a nice man. He is definitely not a good soul. He does not belong here. He does not mean well”. And then the mentor stopped and said, “ Ah, he is going to his own funeral. That is why he looks so serious. I can tell that your Higher Self does not want him here”. While doing Reiki, her mentor then asked that my friend’s angels surround her. Both the Reiki Master and my friend felt a cold, stale energy swirling in the room, and all of a sudden the presence disappeared. My friend felt a huge weight lifted off of her soul and felt surrounded by love and swirls of purple and gold. In Reiki, our chakras have colors. Purple is the color of the 3rd eye, where one has a deep emotional and psychological connection to the Higher Self. It is a level of higher understanding.

Gold represents Higher beings, such as angels and spiritual guides.

She told me that after that session she has not felt that ever prevailing feeling of not being good enough which her father had engraved upon her soul. She has not felt this free in her entire life.

In my experience as a Reiki Master, I have learned that it takes more than one session to get to the core of what is troubling your soul. It’s important to find a Reiki Master that instills trust in you. Many people carry baggage and don’t know where to place it. Through Reiki, you can achieve that greater inner peace. I believe our dreams have meanings and a purpose. We just have to listen to them.


Jeanine Horton
Reiki master/Healer

Jeanine is a Reiki Master at East West. She is available for appointments on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

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