Private Sessions with Marin Casassa

Private Sessions with Marin CasassaPrivate Sessions with Marin Casassa

Select Fridays - 12pm-5:30pm

$250 for 2hr ceremonial healing

You may call Marin directly to schedule a free 30 minute consultation if you feel interested in exploring the opportunity to work with her. Her number is 415-513-8576.


Call East West Bookshop at 206-523-3726 or 1-800-587-6002 for available appointments.

In a safe and sacred space, connect with your  heart's truth to transform your relationship to illness, others, habits that don’t benefit you, or confusion about the past or future and move into a place of well-being and ease.

In Marin's role as a guide, responsible for creating and holding a safe and sacred container, she supports you in finding where you need to go for your highest good. She uses a personal altar, called a Mesa, which has been used effectively by many Peruvian healers for thousands of years. The Mesa embodies many forms of natural and energetic medicine. It is designed to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self.

Engaging the help of the benevolent Spirit Realm, each session is a ceremony which incorporates energetic work, touch, sounds, aromas, and therapeutic touch when needed.

Together you will move through the process of letting go of things that are no longer serving you, connecting to the most refined and wise aspect of your being and raising your dormant potentials. She then offers simple life-ways or practices that help you retain power, wisdom and vitality. She encourages people to expand their web of learning and experiencing, frequently offering resources from the broader community.

  • Energetic Clearing - Time honored shamanic practices of clearing to more easily access the root or establishment of physical, mental or spiritual conflict.
  • Shamanic Journeying - Guided journeys to non-ordinary states of reality, assisting clients to connect with helping spirits for insight and healing.
  • Soul Retrieval - Retrieve energetic aspects of ourselves that were left behind during life traumas.
  • Cord Removal - Remove energetic cording between people, places, and events that cause a loss of one's vital energy and often keep challenging relationships charged and unresolved.
  • Ancestral Healing - Connecting the client to their ancestral spirit lines to ask for healing and guidance.
  • Connecting to Spirit Guides - Meet and develop relationships with your guides for insight and healing.
  • Energetic Touch - Craniosacral Therapy - a powerful modality performed with clothing on.
  • Healing with songs and instruments  -  Sound is heard not only through the ears, but vibrates through every cell of our bodies. One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes.
Marin Casassa is a Pachakuti Mesa Carrier, shamanic practitioner and urban ceremonialist who blends indigenous wisdom practices from the Peruvian Amazon and the Andes with the contemporary needs of the community. She has been committed to serving others in a healing context for over 30 years and practices in Seattle, San Francisco and remotely with people worldwide. Read more about Marin at
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