Consultations with Ray Couture

Astrological Perspectives
With Ray Couture

30 minutes/$60
1 hour/$100

We live in a modern world which has largely abandoned any meaningful association with the natural world. The solar system itself is not regarded as part of
the “natural world”. The truth is all of life is part of a living solar system. Everyone is born because there a need for them to be here to further develop and evolve.

Astrology uses a unique set of symbols to tap into a kind of transcendental knowledge. I offer my clients solutions and advice based on that knowledge
helping them gain a wider and deeper understanding of their life and its purpose.

Astrology can thus help foster a mindfulness reducing stresses that have a negative effect on overall well-being.

I offer 45 years of practice and study with seminal thinkers such as Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmond Jones. I conduct seminars and classes at East West Bookshop in Seattle.

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