Sound Healing with Singing Bowls Training at East West with Suren Shrestha

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 Suren Shrestha is widely recognized as a master of healing arts, receiving much praise a singing bowl practitioner. As a pioneer in his field, Suren Shrestha has explored the uses of singing bowls across many therapeutic disciplines.  He has developed techniques for using singing bowls to relieve people of number of afflictions; pain, stress, and negative energy, as well as other physical symptoms.  Suren has also practiced techniques for using singing bowls for meditation, relaxation, and healing ailments such as insomnia, headache, stress-related intestinal disorders, and high blood pressure. He has also practiced techniques for using the bowls in conjunction with massage therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture.
 Suren is a Nepalese native, born just forty-five miles southeast of Mount Everest. In the village where he grew up, people were healed by herbalists, monks, and medicine men using shaman's drums, gongs, and mantras. Being particularly drawn to Tibetan Singing Bowls, Suren learned how to practice ancient healing techniques using sound and vibration, and is now considered to be a master of singing bowl healing.  Coming to Seattle twice a year, Suren hosts some of East Wests most anticipated events.  His Level I and Level II courses have received much praise from students and other health practitioners.

How to Heal with Singing Bowls

Suren’s book guides readers step-by-step through the vibrational healing process. Learn about chakras and how they relate to sounds, different ways of arranging the bowls and how they work together, and much more.A downloadable audio demonstration of some of the methods is available to readers of the book. This expanded edition of How to Heal with Singing Bowls includes 20 new procedures for treating conditions such as neck and shoulder tension and muscle cramps throughout the body. Other new material includes using the bowls with yoga postures, massage, and heated herbal therapy packs to increase energy flow and balance and promote relaxation. This remains one of the few books on the market with step-by-step instructions for the therapeutic use of singing bowls. Much of the new information in this edition was requested by readers and by students of Suren’s classes.

 Suren is donating all profits from the sale of his book "How to Heal with Singing Bowls", as well as a large percentage of the proceeds from his healing workshops towards building a new orphanage in Khandbari, his home town. He has already acquired the land, and hopes to begin construction soon, in order to spread smiles to many more wonderful kids.

The Aama Orphanage Education Project

 The Aama Orphanage Education Foundation (AOEF) is a not-for-profit and non-government registered community based organization in Nepal. Established in 2007 by the residents of Khandbari Bazaar, with the assistance of Ruby and Suren Shrestha, to address the low literacy rates and orphan children.  The Foundation's goal is to provide quality education to financially disadvantaged orphans of Eastern Nepal. AOEF aims to provide opportunities to all needy orphan children, giving priority to girls.


Events and Classes in 2023

Trainings with Suren Shrestha: 


Level 1 Training held at the Yoga Hall at East West/Ananda in Bothell, WA

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Level 2 Training held at the Yoga Hall at East West/Ananda in Bothell, WA

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Level 3 Training held at the Yoga Hall at East West/Ananda in Bothell, WA

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Group Sound Healing at Ananda in Bothell:

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