January 11, 2024 - Thursday 7-8:30pm PDT - Intuitive Together Capricorn New “Wolf Moon” - with Justin Crocket Elzie, Deni Luna, Michelle Keogh, and Neil McNeill

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This is an online event held via Zoom. 

Need inspiration?

The upcoming New “Wolf Moon” brings an opportunity for inspired change, new structures and enhanced relationships.

Celebrate the new moon with East West’s Intuitive Panel of psychic mediums Justin Crockett Elzie, Deni Luna, Neil McNeill, and Miki Keogh.

Get an Astro look at the month ahead, and a personal reading (optional) with all four intuitive readers.

Both Eastern and Western astrology show that this new moon (under a  Venus-influenced Purva Ashadha) is an ideal time to build loving social relationships and community.

Two options are available for this online Zoom show. You may watch without a personal reading ($10) or with a personal reading ($35 total). Either way, you’ll get plenty of information and bonus material. 

Once you register, Zoom link information will be sent to you.  If you would like a personal reading, please send your name, birth date, time and place to deni@deniluna.com.