June 22nd, 2024 - Saturday 6-7:30 PM PT - Angelic infused Soul Journey - with Amanda Gail - In-Person

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Amanda Gail is a Multidimensional Healer, Soul Guide, and Medium. She partners with the Angelic realms and the World of Spirit, creating a high vibrational container in which she embodies unconditional love and acceptance to guide you to a deep, intimate connection to the Spirit within; your truest Self. Her ability to view others multidimensionally is what allows her to confidently and skillfully guide you to the places within that are ripe for healing and expansion. She acts as an energetic midwife to support you to the balancing of the mind, and the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies; birthing a more empowered You.

This more connected state of being brings the freedom and wholeness that allows you to see a clearer path to step into higher versions of Self in this human experience. In this guided Soul Journey, Amanda partners with the Angelic realms to infuse the container with their healing energy and inspire the meditation. Functioning as a pillar of light, Amanda will channel and direct their healing energy to each individual and as a collective during the guided Soul Journey.

There will be opportunity for some to share of their experience at the end of the evening. There will be chairs available. You are welcome to bring any comfort items you like if you prefer the floor dwell. To respect the nature of this event, this is a closed container and entry after 15 min past start time is not preferred. 

You may want to bring :
*Something to journal with
*A trinket, stone, or similar to charge in the energy
*Eye mask or other comfort items

This event will be IN-PERSON held at East West Books & Gifts 110 3rd Ave. N. Edmonds, WA 98020