May 11th, 2024 - Saturday 5-6:30pm - Energy Body Activation - with Sheela Meduri - In-Store

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This is an in-person ONLY event hosted by East West at 110 3rd Ave N Edmonds, WA 98020.
Join Sheela in this new offering of Energy Body Activation. She will facilitate a group Quantum Meditation using her own self-taught and channeled method. Here, you will experience how the body shifts with frequency, releasing stuck energy, emotions, and old patterns. In higher frequencies you can access your Angels, Guides, Higher Self, and experience your Light Body. You will have an opportunity to receive personal messages and healings directly from yourself!
This workshop will introduce three main levels of Energy Body Activation.
Level 1: Becoming attuned to subtle energy shifts in your body.
Level 2: Experiencing Chakra centers clearing and opening.
Level 3: Activating your Light Body.
Sheela Meduri, M.A.
Behavioral Specialist
Quantum Energy Healer
Sheela is a natural Energy Body Intuitive, specializing in energy body upgrades and cellular memory activations. She studied under three different self-taught spiritual teachers, one being her grandfather. Each teacher spent most of their adult lives practicing and discovering forms of qigong, laser reiki, solar yoga and meditation. After years of personal practice, Sheela now offers her own self-taught and channeled practice as a Quantum Healer and Energy Body Activator.