May 7, 2024 - Tuesday 7-8:30pm PST - Intuitive Together, New Flower Moon - with Justin Crocket Elzie, Deni Luna, and more!

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This is an online event held via Zoom. 

Celebrate the new moon with East West’s Intuitive Panel of psychic mediums Justin Crockett Elzie, Deni Luna, Miki Keogh and special guest Grace Sequoia!

Get a look at the month ahead, and a personal reading (optional) with four talented intuitive readers. Meet like-minded members of your Tribe and move into the next month with joy and ease.

Both Western and Eastern astrologers have a similar message for the New Moon energies in May. In Western Astrology and mythology, the New Flower Moon 2024 has the Sun, Moon, and Venus conjunct in Taurus, bringing new starts, potential challenges and promising partnerships. The prominent Western-based Sabian symbol is “battle between torches and swords” which is a theme from the most recent Solar Eclipse. 

The Eastern Vedic Astrology tradition reinforces this. The Eastern Nakashatra point is “Bharani” Pada (4) which is ruled by Venus and Warrior influences. This is auspicious for choosing a side and clearing things out. Find out what this upcoming New Moon specifically brings for the collective – and for you personally.

Two options are available for this online Zoom show. You may watch without a personal reading ($10) or with a personal reading ($35 total). Either way, you’ll get plenty of information and bonus material. 

Once you register, Zoom link information will be sent to you.  If you would like a personal reading, please send your name, birth date, time and place to and put “Intuitive Together” in your email headline.